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I was laying in bed dealing with the painful aftermath of dental surgery when I came up with the brilliant idea of: “I should enter a race!”

I was suffering from two ailments at the time: surgical recovery and the elusive, reverse “from-couch-to-century”. Trust me when I say that no one in their 30’s should ever have their wisdom teeth extracted albeit the pain but you may just follow through and register for a cycling race.

Hear me out.

Just a week before my dental appointment, I had just completed the #Festive500 which is a cycling challenge to complete 500 kilometers in eight days from the 24th-31st of December. So to practically be bedridden after such a feat; left to slurp down painkillers with juice, protein shakes, jello, soup, and ungodly amounts of ice cream can leave an active person feeling rather sentimental and appreciative of what our bodies can do.

Feeling up to the task, I let my coach know what I was thinking. She comes through with the support and I’m ready to take on the next fifteen weeks of training.

It’ll be my first race! Wish me luck fam. <3

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