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Quick Brown Fox – The Abundance Project

The Abundance Project was designed to create a pathway for women of color to go from beginner to professional road cyclists by eliminating many of the barriers along the way. We started our focus with beginner-friendly initiatives to encourage women to try bike racing for the first time.

I was able to secure a microgrant from The Abundance Project for a race entry. Check out their other programs:

Thee Abundance Mini Grant p/b Zwift will provide entries, housing, transportation, a food stipend and several additional resources for awardees for Tour of America’s Dairyland and Gateway Cup.
This program requires no experience, and is open to any woman of color who wants to race road bikes. Applications are due April 4th 9 am EST. They will be reviewed and recipients will be notified by April 10th. Thank you for considering bike racing! Good luck!

Thee Abundance Micro Grant p/b SRAM provides entry fees and a one (1) day license for participants of color in the women’s field of any USAC-sanctioned road race. Participants are responsible for all other logistics. MICROGRANT APPLICATIONS WILL OPEN MARCH 15, 2024

Rising Force is a Cat 3 development team to help bridge the gap to elite racing in the USA.

A Quick Brown Fox Composite is the next step in Thee Abundance project, providing an elite racing experience for aspiring professional road racers. 

Team Abundance p/b Liv Cycling is comprised of all previously mentioned race programs and includes mini grant alumni from past years. After successfully cultivating a growing group of amateurs over the past two seasons, in 2023 we are focusing on continuing to bridge the gap from Category 3 to Category 2 racers with UCI eligibility. We are focused on providing resources and opportunities to alumni of the abundance mini grant program who have decided to aim for the professional ranks. Riders will be attending Valley of the Sun Stage race in Arizona after a week-long camp with Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) coach, Jim Lehman.

Thee Abundance Zwift Training Series was created in partnership with CTS to help folks prepare for the mini grant program or whatever goals they have planned for the 2022 bike season. It is open to everyone on Zwift. Join our Zwift Club!

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