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I began my racing journey in the fall of 2021 and it bled into 2022 as I trained with a coach and entered my first races because why the hell not?

In high school, I ran cross country and distance in track and field so I had an interest in competitive endurance sports. Cycling seemed not too far off so I figured stoodis!

What I have learned from my first year of racing is that my presence on the cycling scene has a bigger impact than I could ever imagine. Being a Native American non-binary in a predominantly cishet, white, male sport is nothing to glance over – it is big! The amount of positive feedback I have received from my community is monumental and if I could trailblaze and set a path for others, like myself, to follow – sign me up! It was an honor to know how much I inspired and motivated my peers to get on a bike.

I also learned how deep passion can go. To be able to train consistently and dedicate the time to do it is no easy feat and requires a passionate commitment. I was shocked to see how my love for cycling had me on the bike for about 11 hours a week. Most of my friends would comment on how that was a lot of time, but I was so deep into training that it was normal. However, I realized the pros were doing double if not triple my effort, so I am just astonished at human capabilities in general.

Even in times of comparing my cycling data to others, I was thoroughly impressed with my evolution from being a couch potato and rolling up to the starting line to compete. Every bike ride was a celebration of my body. I feel as if my age has kept me from feeling down about why I am not fast enough or strong enough because I have grown into being confident in myself and knowing that I am divine in every aspect. So I do hope that if you decide to race that you never feel bad about coming in DFL or not being able to complete a race. Cycling is a journey. A self-practice meant to positively impact your life.

In my racing season, I met so many beautiful and empowered people! You know who you are. Thank you so much for being an inspiration. I love you all.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing more.

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